No knickers sign

The Knickers Incident

16 August 2019 I dug deeper into that hotel kettles thing!
Pug dog

Puppy Farmed

13 August 2019 We recently discovered our dog was puppy farmed.

CO2, Fear and Slaughter

08 August 2019 CO2 is utilized in both animal slaughter and human fear experiments.
Human Sacrifice

Human Sacrifice

27 July 2019 An introduction to ancient human sacrifice with first-hand accounts.
Customised Swiss Army Knife

Customising a Swiss Army Knife

2 November 2018 I wrote a tutorial for adding wooden handles to a Swiss Army Knife.

The Bullets that Killed Kennedy

4 December 2017 The strange ballistics mirror those of another shooting.
Lovecraft's drawing of Cthulhu

Lovecraft and Cthulhu

4 December 2017 They have never been more popular, but who are they?