Moulding Barbie's Head

Crafts - 23 January 2020 I tried different moulding compounds to create a duplicate.

Quick Craft Tip- Dissection Kits!

Crafts - 16 January 2020 I find mine very handy for arts and crafts.

Drop the Mike!

Post - 10 January 2020 Stop apps accessing the microphone without your knowledge.
Artistic shot of antlers and a red scarf

Dead People Sculptures!

List - 13 December 2019 A short list of human sculptures in movies, games and television.
Paw prints

Bad Vets

Post - 04 December 2019 Experiences with veterinarians vary quite broadly.
A neon heart

Escort Acronyms

Post - 28 November 2019 Definitions of the strange acronyms used by Escorts.
A torch

Torches Review

Review - 15 November 2019 A review of large and pocket torches.
An Egyption 'Voodoo doll'.

The History of Voodoo Dolls

Article - 06 November 2019 They are far older and more widespread than is commonly known!
No knickers sign

Hotel Kettle Horror

Post - 16 August 2019 The unknown horrors that incident brought to light!
Pug dog

Puppy Farmed

Post - 13 August 2019 We discovered our dog was from a puppy farm.

CO2 Gas- Fear and Slaughter

Article - 08 August 2019 CO2 is utilized in both animal slaughter and human fear experiments.
Human Sacrifice

Tales of Human Sacrifice

Article - 27 July 2019 First-hand accounts of ancient human sacrifices.
Customised Swiss Army Knife

Customising a Swiss Army Knife

Tutorial - 02 November 2018 I wrote a tutorial for adding wooden handles to a Swiss Army Knife.

The Bullets that Killed Kennedy

Article - -04 December 2017 How the strange ballistics mirror those of another shooting.
Lovecraft's drawing of Cthulhu

Lovecraft and Cthulhu

Article - 04 December 2017 His work has never been more popular but who is he?