Prions and Chronic Wasting Disease

The impact of chronic wasting disease on the European deer population could be devastating.

Moulding Barbie's Head

I tried different moulding compounds to create a duplicate.

Drop the Mike!

Stop apps accessing the microphone without your knowledge.
Artistic shot of antlers and a red scarf

Dead People Sculptures!

A short list of human sculptures in movies, games and television.
Paw prints

Bad Vets

Experiences with veterinarians vary quite broadly.
A neon heart

Escort Acronyms

Definitions of the strange acronyms used by Escorts.
A torch

Torches Review

A review of large and small pocket torches.
An Egyption 'Voodoo doll'.

The History of Voodoo Dolls

They are far older and more widespread than is commonly known!
No knickers sign

Hotel Kettle Horror

The unknown horrors that incident brought to light!
Pug dog

Puppy Farmed

We discovered our dog was from a puppy farm.

CO2 Gas- Fear and Slaughter

CO2 is utilized in both animal slaughter and human fear experiments.
Human Sacrifice

Tales of Human Sacrifice

First-hand accounts of ancient human sacrifices.
Customised Swiss Army Knife

Customising a Swiss Army Knife

I wrote a tutorial for adding wooden handles to a Swiss Army Knife.

The Bullets that Killed Kennedy

How the strange ballistics mirror those of another shooting.
Lovecraft's drawing of Cthulhu

Lovecraft and Cthulhu

His work has never been more popular but who is he?