Hotel Kettle Horror

16 August 2019

I have just read the knickers boiling incident, gross! Sadly it wasn't news to me. I was told a similar story many years ago with gypsies using kettles to boil socks, milk and eggs in cheap hotel rooms.

Anyway I couldn’t help digging for more. According to Reddit user Manic Chipmunk:

‘A friend of mine is a commercial pilot and apparently it’s common for female pilots and flight attendants to put their used pantyhose (stockings) in the room coffee makers (where you usually put coffee) and run a pot to clean them.’

and BlackPocket:

A fight attendant friend of mine told my girlfriend and me over dinner(!) that when they are on a layover, flight attendants clean their underwear by boiling it in the kettle in the room.

Well that explains why they were only traveling with one pair of knickers.

Other Reddit users commented that they also found things in coffee makers including mould, cockroaches, and clumps of hair in the water reservoir.

According to this express article, coffee makers are rarely ever cleaned properly and harbour a ‘significant bacterial diversity’ as well as mould and viruses.

A friend recently told me that using the office coffee maker leaves him running for the loo. Several of the Reddit users actually claimed they had been taken ill using coffee machines and one even said they had to go to hospital.

I used to work in a hotel and I recommend giving (everything) the cups a good wash. It’s not just that they might not have been cleaned properly. I have often seen cleaning staff doing odd things like throwing the mop and bucket water onto the washing up. Or worse; using the same cloth to clean the dishes that was used to clean the toilet.