The Killing Shot

The second bullet to hit Kennedy contrasts dramatically with the first. It hit him in the back of the head creating a 15mm entry wound, then fragmented and passed in fragments through his skull, exiting explosively and creating a 13 centimetre, roughly ovule hole. The president's blood and fragments of his scalp, brain, and skull landed on the interior of the car, the inner and outer surfaces of the front windshield and sun visors, as well as on the front engine hood and rear trunk. His blood and fragments also landed on the follow-up Secret Service car and its driver, as well on the motorcycle officers who were riding on both sides of the President just behind his vehicle.

Kennedy bucked backwards at the moment of the head shot and some have claimed that this alongside the cracking of the limousine's windscreen is evidence of a shot from the front. The chrome frame above the windscreen also has a bullet-sized dent or hole, though it may have been damaged during earlier maintenance.

The Limousine's Windscreen
The Limousine's Windscreen

A fragment of the bullet's nose and another of the bullet's base were found in the front of the limousine and small fragments under the left front seat rug. The damage to the limousine, the size of Kennedy's head wound and various differences of opinion about the audio and witness testimonies have given rise to various ideas about the directions the bullets were fired from, how many were fired and from what angle.

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